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Digitally Organized

Posted on Feb 01, 2012 - 10:00 AM | Wedding Planning | Comments (2)

by Katherine Schober

Some women are born dreaming of their wedding. They know from a very young age that they want to be a wife, have a husband, and the big party that goes with it. For others, it takes the right person for the rest of the big picture to come together.


My sister is the perfect example of a dreamer. She would tear out pictures from magazines and hide them under her bed. These pictures ranged from outfits she hoped to one day to wear, furniture she’d one day organize, and homes everywhere from the countryside to the beach she hoped to own. These “vision boards” are so popular among women that ABC’s Happy Endings, even made time in their comedic schedule to shine light on the vision board frenzy.


I know several women who still resort to tearing pages out of magazines. Well ladies, we live in a digital world. This is a world where physically touching a magazine isn’t as common as flipping through the pages of your favorite subscription on your iPad or smart phone. This means the days of tearing out pages and collecting color samples for your wedding book are a thing of the past. To get ready for your wedding in this modern era, it’s time to get digitally organized.


Pinterest is the latest craze with social media fanatics. If you don’t know what it is, I guarantee you’ll have your own account by the time you finish reading this blog. Pinterest is an easy way to “pin” your “interests” and share with a social community that likes the same things you do. You can organize your pin boards into categories and pin photos to your heart’s content.


Women everywhere are already taking advantage of Pinterest and building their online vision boards for everything from homes and vacations to weddings. If you’re still not sure how Pinterest can help you, take a look at our page. We have created boards by Seasons, Gowns, DIY Wedding, Honeymoons; the list goes on. You can organize your boards to fit your wedding needs and wants. Simply install the “Pin It” button and begin searching for the pieces that make your wedding puzzle come together. You can pin images from almost anywhere on the Internet because Pinterest credits the site from which you found the picture. This is also helpful once your board comes together, decisions are made, and you are ready to purchase.


If you haven’t made up your mind, you can also use Pinterest to get feedback on which invitation design has the most “repins,” meaning most popular, on your Invites board. I have a girl friend who is newly engaged (congrats Lo!) and is using Pinterest to communicate wedding plans with her friends. She created a board for Bridesmaid Dresses, Center Pieces, and Wedding Venues and has asked all of us to vote for our favorites. Needless to say, none of the bridesmaids commented on the wacky, orange-feathered ensemble (sorry Lo).


Pinterest can be a great tool to use when looking for inspiration. Some existing wedding boards might have just the color scheme you were looking for. For Your Wedding Dance, our most popular board seems to be our DIY Wedding. We are happy to inspire future brides to master their own hair or save a few pennies by being their own wedding decorator. Search boards with keywords like lace, DIY, veils, or outdoor wedding to help you get started with your wedding vision. I encourage you to follow our boards if you want a variety of options, need some extra direction, and are interested in following active boards that have something for every bride. Take your wedding planning to a digital level. Find, pin, and do it again.


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Comments (2)

1. I love that first pcutire the best! Gorgeous! I have caught the Pinterest bug as well. Such a great way to share ideas and such. I have also found many ideas on there for my classroom.
    Comment By KxUmlsSlJzJMqu - Feb 21, 2012 4:28 AM

2. Okay I just started using Pinterest a few weeks ago because my friend suggested it, and NOW I'm going to use it to create my dream wedding! Thanks! xo Leslie
    Comment By Leslie - Feb 08, 2012 11:33 AM

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