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Fun and Games

Posted on Jan 24, 2012 - 10:00 AM | Wedding Planning | Comments (1)

By Katherine Schober


When a couple decides to get married, visions of color schemes, guest lists, and wedding plans dance around in their heads. When their friends hear the news, their minds race with thoughts of celebration and a popular tradition known as the bachelor/bachelorette party.


For those in charge of organizing these rambunctious festivities, the desire to make the evening or weekend a success is strong. All too often, these parties are thrown by people with their own agendas for how the event should happen, but do their agendas match that of the guest of honor?


When the time comes for you to throw a bachelorette party for one of your dear friends, try to remember that the entire wedding process is about them, including the bachelorette party. Even if you have a connection to the best male strippers in town, the party will be ruined if your friend is uncomfortable or plans to invite her mother-in-law. Keeping the bride in mind is key to having a successful bachelorette party.


When my sister got married almost six years ago, I as the maid of honor, was responsible for throwing her bachelorette party. I’ve admitted I was not a fantastic maid of honor, but one thing I can say for myself is that I listened to what she wanted. When I thought bachelorette party, I thought of a crazy night, dancing with all her friends, and getting my conservative sister to let loose. When she told me she wanted to go to dinner, have a sleepover and watch wedding movies, I put her first and made it happen. If I had thrown my idea of a bachelorette party, my sister would have been mortified.


Sure, her party wasn’t my idea of a “last hoorah,” but the party wasn’t for me. You don’t have to ask your bride exactly what she wants, but get an idea of her expectations and guest list before you start planning. Setting a date before nailing down the plans for the party is a good way to see who all will be in attendance and who you can recruit to help. The bride-to-be shouldn’t be expected to pay for anything, so making sure you’ve discussed the options and budget limitations of those involved can eliminate taking on a lot of the costs by yourself.


Before going overboard with a fancy dinner or a high-end club in Miami, ask yourself a very important question; what makes for a fun party? My answer is always good company. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing if friends surround you. You don’t have to sacrifice a good time if your bride wants a low-key evening or if the budget is limited. Making sure the bride has a good time doesn’t have to rely on the location if you plan accordingly.


Start the night with some silly gifts that play key roles throughout the night. Give funny gifts like “I’m the Bride!” t-shirts or an outrageous wig she can’t take off till tomorrow. Candy jewelry, sashes and tiaras are also good ideas. These kinds of gifts will make sure that wherever your party ends up, everyone knows why your group is there. The party should be focused on the bride-to-be, not the location or the plans for the evening. These attention-getting gift ideas put your friend in the spotlight and will be a source of laughter for the rest of the night.


A bachelor/bachelorette party has been commonly viewed as a celebration of someone’s last days before they tie the knot. These parties are notorious for being wild, thanks to tradition and popular movies like The Hangover. It’s important to remember that not all brides and grooms are interested in this kind of party. There shouldn’t be a stereotype for what this party should be. Instead of relying on Google to provide you with the best bachelorette party ideas, keep your friend in mind and tailor the party to her when it’s your turn to organize this celebration.


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Comments (1)

1. THANK YOU for writing this. I hope all future bridesmaids read this. My girlfriends threw me a crazy bachelorette party and it was NOT what I wanted. Always keep the bride in mind!
    Comment By Mary - Feb 08, 2012 11:35 AM

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