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Wedding Planning - Use These Hot Social Networking Tools in Florida!

Posted on Apr 25, 2012 - 01:00 PM | Wedding Planning | Comments (0)
By Rebecca Smith

Wedding Planning - Use These Hot Social Networking Tools in Florida!

      The truth of the matter is that we all have family and friends that live all over the globe and we still keep in touch with thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and Skype to name just a few social sites. And most likely we want those friends and family to be a part of our BIG day. So the big question is how in the world do we make that happen?  Does everyone plan a weekend to fly in and be together other than the wedding? Do I fly to them to pick things out there?  Chances are the answer to those questions is No, that is not going to happen, but thanks to social media we can all still be part of the wedding planning!

     In an earlier post we told you all about Pinterest and how much we love it! You can check out our boards here. You can give others access to your boards and comment on pictures and ideas you have posted!  You can search the millions of ideas that others have posted and add them to your vision boards. Or as you search the web you can pin anything and everything you like!  Every time I go on I am inspired (some might say I am addicted)!

     We at LOVE and,they are our go to places! We love that you can print out checklists of everything that needs to be done, and there are budget sheets! You are able to plan the ideal honeymoon, you can send photos to your wedding planner, or even find one! We love that others can search for your wedding and see what is going on & what you are planning. You can find local vendors for your cake, flowers, favors,venues, and you can even find us!

     Then there is which is LOVELY. You can create your own wedding website! Here you can do just about anything and everything. You can tell your love story, send out save the dates, send out invitations - yes digital ones. They have various price points and even a free one, that only takes about 5 minutes  to set up.

    So, now you know you can plan your perfect day and have your family and friends from all over the world be part of the planning, which will make it all the more special and magical! Happy Planning!


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