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Wedding Planning Hot Tip - Where To Spend Money On Your Miami Wedding.

Posted on Apr 23, 2012 - 07:00 AM | Wedding Planning | Comments (0)

    Several weeks ago there was an article in the Miami Herald that, of course, caught our attention: the headline read: South Florida couples spending more on weddings as businesses vow to keep costs low. This seriously got us thinking about where we would watch our budget and how we can help you!

planning your wedding every dollar counts whether you have budget of $20,000 or a budget of 200,000.  You want the most memorable time for you and you fiance and for your guests. There are so many areas where you can cut the budget, and still have a big impact. On your flowers only use flowers that are in season, and source local growers. Find a venue that will allow you to bring in outside vendors, this can help costs greatly! Did you know the average Hotel charges $120 per person!  So source local catering companies or you can make some friends your bartenders. Create a signature drink for your event and only serve that with beer and wine. Companies want you to enjoy your day, ask how they can help you meet your goal, without going over budget or breaking the bank. 

    We have been to quite a few weddings in our lifetime, and honestly we don’t remember how the cake tasted, what we ate or drank, or how loudly the DJ played. What we do remember are those magical moments. When the groom first saw the bride walking down the isle, when the bride and groom’s friends sang their favorite song during the ceremony. When Mr. & Mrs. where introduced to all of us for the first time. When the Daddy& Bride danced together and then, Daddy handed over his beautiful daughter to his new son and this new couple, new family danced their first dance together. We remember being brought to the brink of tears as family and friends toasted the happy couple and spoke blessings over them. Or when we all danced the lovely couple off to their honeymoon in the wee hours of the morning. 

    Your wedding day is over in a flash and the things that stay in everyone’s memory are not the cake, the food, the amount of flowers you had, or the location. The things that you will remember and your guest will remember are the moments, those that they spent with each other, with you both and those that tugged at their hearts and made them fall a little more in love themselves. So with that said, take a minute and think about those moments where you want your memories to linger and spend the money there.

Written by Rebecca Smith
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