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How to find the perfect dress part 1

Posted on May 04, 2012 - 06:30 PM | Wedding Planning | Comments (0)
By Rebecca Smith

How to find the perfect dress



Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a beautiful princess, her name was Regina who had meet her prince, his name was David and they where planning their happily ever after. The princess knew that she wanted the most amazing dress in the entire kingdom, she had been dreaming of this day her entire life and just knew that her dress would be the most amazing dress on the planet making her look like the queen she knew she was.  She headed out with her lovely ladies in waiting to the Dress-N-Dazzle on Madison Ave. 


          As she walked into the hollowed halls of Dress-N-Dazzle, she could feel her heart begin to quicken, and she was filled with glee. Her bridal consultant swept into the room with a dazzling smile, beautifully tailored suit and shoes that spoke to her heart. Hello my name is Cherie and I will be your guide during this incredible journey. The only problem was Cherie's voice sound quit like fingernails on a chalkboard. Princess Joy, figured the lady simply had a cold and tried to ignore the nagging sensation starting in the pit of her stomach.  Cherie, began with a series of rapid fire questions,

 “Now Princess Joy, have you thought about the lines and style for your dress. A-line, Ball Gown, Empire, Sheath, or Mermaid. What about the Length, intermission, ballet, floor, street? No not street, Then the sleeve length 3/4, Bell, Cap, fitted point, Juliet? No? Long Sleeve, off the shoulder, one sleeve, poet, POUF, Short Sleeve, or Spaghetti? “




     Princess Joy, didn't even have time to answer, she was fairly sure that Cherie, had never even taken a breath. Cherie continued “Now for the neckline, Bateau, Halter, High, Jewel, Off the Shoulder, Portrait, Scoop, Square, Sweetheart, V-neck” ... Joy could here Cherie in the background still talking, But the glee and happiness she felt soon changed into total fright as she saw the rows of gorgeous sparkling gowns, and questions of what if quickly flooded her mind, WHAT IF I FIND BETTER DRESS, WHAT IF I PICK THE WRONG DRESS FOR MY BODY TYPE, MY PRINCE HATES MY DRESS, WHAT IF MY MOTHER IN LAW HATES my dress ?.. Suddenly the room started to spin and blackness over took the princess....


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