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Red Carpet Wedding

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 - 10:00 AM | Wedding Planning | Comments (0)
By Katherine Schober

By Katherine Schober


Glam or slam? That has become my boyfriend’s go-to phrase this award show season. Whether it’s the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, or last Sunday’s coveted Academy Awards, the fashion always steals the show.


I admittedly do not see a lot of new movies, so naturally I watch these award shows for one reason and one reason only; the fashion. My boyfriend had his football season, and now basketball season, and in the summer it will be baseball season. Award show season is MY time, and he knows it. While he might be slightly interested to see who takes home the award for best picture, he could care less about the red carpet leading into the event. Of course for me, that’s my favorite part.


So “glam or slam” has been his way of pretending to care, but I don’t mind. I smile at him and say, “Total slam. Joan Rivers is going to have a field day on Fashion Police.” He then of course rolls his eyes at the fact that I take these so seriously. But come on, this stuff is like the girl version of the Super Bowl, and with good reason.


These celebrities are far from perfect, but let’s be honest, when it comes to getting all dolled up, these women are society’s role models. Stars know their body types and how to dress them in the most flattering ways. They have professional help and endless designer items to help them reach their red carpet potential and I, as your savvy wedding blogger, am here to help you reach yours.


No matter who you are dressing, whether you are looking for your wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, or an ensemble fit for mothers of the bride and groom, I suggest you find a celebrity counterpart. You can choose based on similar sense of fashion, shared physical features, or a body type match. Allow me to explain:


The 2012 Oscars was the first Academy Awards show for Shailene Woodley (starred alongside George Clooney in The Descendents). The young actress is still finding her way in the fashion world and the Valentino gown she wore last Sunday has received mixed reviews. I personally see this gown as a 1960’s bride walking down an aisle paved with flower petals at an outdoor wedding. If that’s the kind of style you use to define yourself, then perhaps you’re looking for a similar gown.



When trying to match physical features with a star, the goal is to find flattering color schemes that will complement your natural look. For example, I have a lot of the same features as E!News host Guiliana Rancic. We both have an olive skin tone, long framed bodies, and thin arms. When I saw Guiliana’s gorgeous gown on Oscar Sunday, I was in love. The capped sleeves showed off her arms’ muscle definition, the interesting neckline gave more “volume” to her chest, and the loose flowing skirt gave her more shape. I knew instantly that this dress would look fabulous on me too because of our shared features. So Guiliana - please send it my way once you’ve had it dry cleaned!



When matching body types, take a look at Octavia Spencer, who has really mastered looking comfortable in her own skin. Not only has this actress collected quite a few awards this season for her on screen performance in The Help, Octavia has also received recognition off screen for her fashion choices at this year’s award shows. The saying goes, “Stick with what you know,” and Octavia Spencer knows that fashion designer Tadashi Shoji works well for her full figure. If someone in your bridal party or you yourself have similar curves to Octavia, follow her lead and focus on gowns with ruched fabric in the center to flatter rounder shapes.



Now that you have my celebrity matching tips, you and your wedding party can be red carpet ready in no time! Don't forget to check out our Pinterest board "Award Show Fashion" for more great ideas on gowns. Happy planning.



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