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Bridal Party Dance Lessons

Bridal party dances are the latest craze in wedding fun. Imagine your entire wedding party dancing to a special song, dressed in their wedding outfits. A professionally choreographed formation group dance has visual impact and sets the tone for a reception filled with enjoyment.

A bridal party dance can put the guests at ease – even if they are strangers or are of different ages. The group dance can be a memorable performance or even a “starter” dance to encourage guests to get out of their seats and join in the fun. It’s often a highlight of the reception and is one of the most entertaining moments for your wedding video.

Bridal party dances are also a great way to say “thank you” to your bridal party. Each person will enjoy special dance instruction and will always remember how much fun they had both learning the dance and performing it.

Bridal party dance ideas

Your bridal party group dance can portray something meaningful to you, or you can just have a great time with some terrific music. We can help you with bridal party dance ideas. Some bridal party dances in South Florida have taken advantage of regional music while others are based on a particular dance style. Whether you want to perform salsa, Hip Hop, or disco, the choice is yours. We can choreograph any type of dance to any type of music. There is an unlimited range of choices in bridal party dance songs. We can even combine songs to create a medley.

We are experienced at instructing people with any level of dance experience or capability. Don’t worry if a member of your wedding party is sight impaired or has a physical disability – we welcome anyone who wants to dance. It doesn’t matter if some members of your wedding party are experienced dancers while others are dancing for the very first time.

All group bridal party dance lessons are private and choreographed just for you. We have many years of experience developing the ideal bridal party dance in Miami-Dade County and specialize in group and individual wedding dances. In fact, our instructors have over 100 years of combined experience, and are all wedding dance specialists.

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Customer Testimonials

“Hi, this is Nicole and Eric. We did lessons with you in February and March, I just wanted to let you know that the dance went PERFECT! We had such a wonderful time learning and practicing the dance and then it all paid off when we got ... ” Read the Rest

—Eric and Nicole April 2004

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