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Your Father Daughter Wedding Dance Lessons

Create a Special Moment with your Dad

One of the most touching moments of your wedding is that special dance with your father. You can make it memorable for both of you – and for your guests.

The father and daughter dance is traditional and is usually performed right after the wedding couple’s first dance. The dance honors your father and portrays that unique bond between a father and daughter. He just gave you away, and the dance affirms your transition to your new relationship – as an adult, married daughter.

Select a song for the father/daughter dance that holds special meaning for you and your father. It can be sentimental or something that is fun. But it should be something that you share, is representative of your relationship, or just a song that you both enjoy.

Choose a dance that reflects your relationship

You and your father may have an amazing relationship. In that case, your father/daughter dance will be a nostalgic event. But even if you don’t have the closest relationship, we can create the perfect father/daughter wedding dance for you. We can customize your dance to your needs, preventing any awkwardness and creating a moment you will remember fondly. By choosing a song that is light-hearted, you will avoid any heavy, emotional feelings.

If you have both a father and a stepfather, you can choose to dance with both of them separately, or we can design a special dance that will accommodate them in one dance. Or, if you choose, you can dance with a brother or favorite uncle. We can choreograph dances appropriate for any partner.

Father/daughter wedding dance lessons

We specialize in wedding dances so we know how to create the perfect father and daughter dance. Even if you have never danced before, you’ll be able to perform the ideal dance during your reception. When you perform your father/daughter dance in South Florida, it will be as spectacular as if you performed it on a Broadway stage.

Sometimes a father and daughter’s styles of dance are very different, and that can make creating your dance difficult if you try to do it yourself. Or he may not have danced in years. When you let a professional create the dance and the choreography, you eliminate those issues. We’ll create a style that you’re both comfortable with to make your dance easy to learn.

To arrange for your father and daughter dance in Broward County, call 305-785-0551 to schedule your appointment.


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