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Wedding Dance Graduates from Your Wedding Dance, Inc


Graduates (19)    


Adriana & Sergio January, 2010
Jurana & Josh November 2010
Marilys & Rodolfo June 2010
Eleni & Emilio October, 2010
Clemie & Ricardo May, 2011

Maria & Greg September, 2011
Jeff & Melanie Wedding April 14, 2012
Peter and Tanya March 2009
Scott & Nicole November 2003
Jon & Nikole November 2003

Edgar and Amy April 2010
Leandro & Nathalie October 2009


Customer Testimonials

“Alfred I can't express how happy we are with your service. Pat iIs wonderful!! She's a pleasure to work with. We've come a long way much to us a prize! Choreography is great and we're really happy that we can use the dance steps to oth... ” Read the Rest

—Kimberly October 2006

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