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Selecting The Best Wedding Song for Your Big Day

Select a song that expresses your love

Your wedding song will not only provide the music for your first dance, it will also be the song that’s “your song” for a lifetime. Every time you hear that special song, it will remind you of your love, special moments, and that unforgettable day. That’s why devoting some time and attention to choosing a song that expresses your feelings is so important.

The most common mistake couples make when evaluating wedding songs is not paying enough attention to the lyrics. Your song should express the love you have for each other – but songs that have enticing titles may actually have lyrics that talk about break ups, heartache, or other emotional disasters.

You can choose a romantic, touching song or select music that’s upbeat and fun. It’s up to you. The music sets the mood for the ceremony and the reception, so you’ll want to choose a song and play list that reflects the tone you want to set for the event.

If you have trouble selecting a song, focus on a couple of your favorite artists. To experience some classic wedding lyrics, listen to “At Last” by Etta James. If you really get stuck, we can help you with your selection. Check out the following website featuring top wedding songs to help you select the perfect song for your first dance: Click here to view the list

Wedding ceremony songs

There are many collections of wedding ceremony songs on the web to choose from for your event. Wedding ceremony songs are the songs used within the ceremony or reception and should not be confused with the first wedding dance song. You may want a meaningful song for the mother/son or the father/daughter dance. Or it might be fun to stage a group dance to a special song.

Instrumental music is always lovely for the processional. By interspersing wedding songs throughout the ceremony, you can create an emotional, touching atmosphere. Or you can play popular wedding songs anytime during the ceremony or reception – they’re always perfect to set the mood.

First Dance Music

We can choreograph your first dance to any music you select – from hip hop to a waltz. As long as it’s something you love, your dance will be memorable. The dance will be choreographed to match the song so your dance choice and presentation will reflect the music. A good place to start song searching is with a list of top wedding songs. Popular wedding songs are usually appropriate for your first dance and song.

We recommend you choose pre-recorded music for your first dance. The dynamics of live music can vary greatly from performance to performance. This can throw off your dance since you’ll depend on the music to be exactly as you practiced. By controlling your music, your dance will be perfect because you’ll know exactly what to do on each beat of the tempo.

Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t have live music at your wedding. Live music for your guests – after the first dance – is always fun and lively. The music choices you offer for later entertainment can vary greatly.

Popular wedding songs work well for your dance and are easy to find. Top wedding songs are available on the web. If you can’t choose between two songs, we can create a medley for you. It’s a fun and unique way to combine the songs you love the most.

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